written by Fabio Rotondo (fsoft@sourceforge.net)

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Welcome to ReqTools - The Requester Library.

ReqTools is a Linux adaptation of the world famous reqtools.library originally developed on the Amiga computer by Nico François Magnus Holmgren.

ReqTools is a library based upon GTK widget library and AFC the Advanced Foundation Classes. You should download and install them before going on.

ReqTools is a library aimed to ease developers to create requesters for the users. Requesters are those little windows popping up sometimes asking you to choose for a file, to select among some options, or to just warn you about something going on.

At the moment, there is no standard way of doing these requesters. ReqTools is here to try to fill this gap.

As you can see by browsing the Online Documentation, it is extremely easy to use ReqTools: a part of standard initialization and disposal function calls, there is just one singlefunction call to use to create all avaible ReqTools requesters.

I hope you'll like (and use!) ReqTools in your programs, and please: feel free to contact me if you have any problems, comments, insults, whatever...

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